Chef K.D. Ngô from Le Cordon Bleu

K.D. Ngô was born and raised Saigon, Southern part of Vietnam in a family with both parents migrated from Hanoi in 1954.  She graduated from an all-girl ‘Trương Vương’ High School in Vietnam.  K.D. Ngô stayed in Saigon 5 years after the Vietnam War ended in 1975.  At the age of twelve, K.D. Ngô was trained to cook by her aunt, who was the owner of a famous Phở restaurant on 68 Gia Long.  A Phở shop by choice the Ngô President, his family and high ranking diplomats, politicians, high ranking military officers, and celebrities. Her aunt later opened up an ice cream shop at 4C, Lê Lợi, Thiên Thái. When the Vietnam war ended, K.D. Ngô has escaped from Vietnam by boat to Singapore. She migrated to Texas and eventually moved to Orange County, Southern California, since 1980. After the war, food became scarce, K.D. Ngô use her creativity to cook in the kitchen.  She learned how to bake the food from humble ingredient into dishes that can no longer buy from the store bought. At home now in the U.S. with only her father and an eigh-year old younger brother, K.D. Ngô using her skill that was learned from her aunt Duyen provide meals for the family daily.  Since K.D. Ngô had to work during the day as a nail technician, she has to be fast and good food get the meal freshly done for her dad who used to the way back home. K.D. Ngô got married and during that time able to follow her passion for nature learning the art of flower design complete the program at Golden West College. She continue cooking for her family and teaching pass down her knowledge to the younger generation in the family.  With the courage of sister Thu, who K.D. Ngô late sister in law.  After watching K.D. Ngô taught as a niece on a dish.  Even in her sickbed, sister Thu said K.D. Ngô recommended that K.D. Ngô has the talent to become a  teacher and share her knowledge to others to cook professionally. With the strong support from aunt Binh her late sister, Thu, K.D. Ngô decided to pursue her passion and attend Cordon Bleu in Los Angeles. K.D. Ngô completed the diploma for culinary with the medal of honor.  Now K.D. Ngô works for 24 Carrots as one of many talented chefs in Irvine, California.  K.D. Ngo still continue to learn and teach the cuisine so dear to her heart, IndoChina. Her charming personality and good looks have made her a heroine in the South East of Asia, as well as creating numerous television cooking shows.K.D. Ngô has an infectious passion for IndoChina Cuisine.  She loves to be in the kitchen when she was a child in Vietnam. She is the niece of a famous culinary ambassador and caretaker of genuine Vietnamese Gourmets.  She has inspired a generation of young chefs and ensure that the tradition folkways of authentic Vietnamese gourmet would not be forgotten.  More than a skilled cook, K.D. Ngô is touching the lives of those around her with grace an beauty of life.